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Norf-Norf is a mysterious, puppet-like creature who lives within the infrastructure at Dream Corp LLC who may be only a figment of Patient 88's imagination. Norf-Norf's head and at least part of Norf-Norf's neck are the only parts visible, so the complete nature of Norf-Norf's body remains to be seen.

Norf-Norf first appears to 88 in the trash compactor in season 2, in a scene somewhat reminiscent of the trash compactor scene in the original Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope film. Norf-Norf seems to hold a reverent and respectful attitude towards 88 and refers to him as The Bringer (Of garbage, which presumably sustains Norf-Norf). It is not at all clear which sex, age or species Norf-Norf is. Norf-Norf possesses a rudimentary understanding of English, but a good knowledge of Dream Corp's HVAC duct system, with which Norf-Norf uses to help guide 88 through the building, in an attempt to warn the other staff of the true vengeful, malicious nature of Bill Ruff.

Norf-Norf refers to Randy as The Giggler.