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Oh My God, Yes! A Series of Extremely Relatable Circumstances is an upcoming animated series created by Adele Supreme Williams. It is loosely based on Williams' 2016 independent comic Oh my God... Yes!: (The book of extremely relatable circumstances). It will be the first Adult Swim original series to feature an African-American woman as the main protagonist. It will also be the first adult animated series to feature a black woman as a lead protagonist since the short-lived series Hey Monie!. The pilot aired on Adult Swim on February 1, 2023. The pilot became available on Adult Swim's YouTube channel on June 12, 2024, a week before Juneteenth. On June 13, 2024, it was announced it was picked up for a series.[1]


Three quirky, unconventional black chicks navigate the world of sex, dating and womanhood in the 22nd century.