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Paid Programming (also commonly refered to as Paid Programming: Icelandic Ultra Blue) is an Adult Swim series in limbo.


The show is a spoof on infomercials. It is unclear if the show will only focus on the Icelandic Ultra Blue product line featured in the pilot episode, or if future episodes could feature other products. The show uses bizarre sketches to advertise products, which often are impractical, useless, or created to cure or ease mundane issues.


Very little is known about the show, as it was aired as a stealth special at 4:30 am, in place of the scheduled repeat of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. After its first airing, the pilot aired 14 more times, airing every Tuesday, Wenesday and Thursday in Novmeber, as well as the first week of December. It was re-aired December 11, 2014, at 4am on Thursday - nearly the same time slot as the original airings.

Currently, the pilot sits in limbo, as it has not been greenlit for a full series. The show did not air a credit sequence, so the identities of the cast and crew are unknown.