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First Appearance Dream Corp LLC
Episode One
Performer Nicholas Rutherford

Patient 88 is the designation given to a patient of Dream Corp LLC in the first episode. He came to Dream Corp unemployed, impotent and after his credit card is declined for his initial treatment session, he is prescribed work for Dream Corp, both as part of his treatment and to pay for his session.

After his initial visit, he is encouraged by Dr. Roberts to wear a lab coat and stethoscope, being told that People will think you're a doctor.

In the first season, after beginning work at Dream Corp, Patient 88 (Often called simply 88 by the other characters, has serious misgivings about the practice and his role there. He feels the work at Dream Corp. is dangerous and does in fact get seriously injured by the second episode. He tries several times to quit but ends up being convinced to stay by other characters.

88's duties are apparently custodial for the most part, as he is often shown mopping or cleaning messes, but he is also tasked with various other errands at Dream Corp. In one episode, he even wisely encourages Dr. Roberts to continue with his efforts to obtain a grant, advising him that he can't keep funding the practice with his eBay sales.

Beginning in the second season, it is hinted at a few times that 88 frequently suffers hangovers, which suggests that he may be an alcoholic, or at least drinks more than he ought to.