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Pete fantasy
First Appearance Teenage Euthanasia
Performer Tim Robinson
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Peter "Pete" Fantasy is the one of the main characters of the Adult Swim series, Teenage Euthanasia. The Oedipus-complex-stricken son of Baba and the uncle of Annie, Pete serves as one of her guardians and is the keeper of the family funeral home. He is in charge of all the funeral home services.




Pete is an eccentric man. After years of being in the funeral business, he is very apathetic towards death and everything surrounding it. He enjoys playing cards with the dead bodies and blue cheese dressing.



Baba is Pete's mother and the center of his life. Pete wishes for nothing more than to be back in the womb. Baba has him do many tasks around the house on top of running the funeral home. When Pete tries to branch out and leave Baba's side, such as with Gymnast Gregory or the Cuddlefishes, Baba is quick to reel him back in.


Annie is the niece of Pete. They have a close bond and spend a lot of time together, even though Pete was jealous of all the attention Baba gave Annie when she was born.


Trophy is Pete's sister. When Trophy needs to hide, she hides in Pete's closet. He is not against marrying her.