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First Appearance Smiling Friends
Desmond's Big Day Out
Performer Michael Cusack

Pim Pimling is a Smiling Friends who loves making people smile. He is a small pink critters, with a large head and scribbled eyes, he's very positive and loves using that energy with clients. Pim most often works with Charlie Dompler on cases. What appears to be a single hair is seen on his head, but it is apparently an exposed nerve ending.

Despite his joyous nature, he appears to come from a very dysfunctional family, as evidenced by his sister Amy who in the most brutal of terms claims that she doesn't like him in any way and parents who are at each other's throats. Despite this he still believes family to be very important and appears to want one of his own, as he has at least twice imagined himself starting one.

A couple times his mood has been killed which left him, grotesquely jealous in Enchanted Forest, completely speechless and depressed in Desmond's Big Day Out.