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Dr. Steve Brule discusses planets.

Planets are celestial bodies that orbit stars and form a system. Our solar system contains eight planets (Formerly nine, but Pluto was declassified). Various planets have appeared in different Adult Swim media.


  • Banana Planet: A giant banana floating in space, home of the Banana Planet Monkeys.
  • Ghost Planet: The planet where Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Toonami originally terminated from. Toonami would later take place on the absolution but would terminate from planets two more times.
  • Mars: Four rocks found on the planet Mars were named after Space Ghost, Zorak, Moltar and Brak. [1]
  • Shogo 162: The third planet that would house Toonami after the events of Intruder II.
  • Pluto: Home of the Plutonians, Oglethorpe and Emory. However, they're never seen on the planet.
  • Unnamed Planet: An unnamed planet became the host site of Toonami in its final incarnation before its original cancellation. When Toonami came to Adult Swim, the planet was never mentioned again until Intruder III comic, where it's revealed that The Intruder killed the TOM living on that planet.

Other Outer Space Bodies[]