Randy Blink

Randy Blink is a lab technician employed at Dream Corp. LLC. He lives in a lower level of the facility. He came to Dream Corp as a patient, and stayed at least partially as a result of developing agoraphobia as a result of his treatment, though he apparently leaves occasionally to visit his favorite vaping shop. He appears to be homosexual or bisexual, based on things he has said, and sometimes speaks or acts flirtatiously with Patient 88. Early in the show, he accidentally cuts off his left hand in an accident involving an exposed laser beam, and instead attaches a prosthetic one cannibalized from a Dream Corp robot. Randy is an avid vaper.


Randy collects pictures of celebrity smiles. He also has a picture on his wall which he says is his only picture of his mother, although it's a colored-in page from a children's coloring-book.

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