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Raydon is a short film that appears in the special features of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume Four DVD.

In the film a Man named Dave, gets information on a crack in the wall of his house by an Inspector. The Inspector determines that the cause is Raydon, but he can't do anything about it. After telling him allegedly "forty-five times," he gives him the card of a man named Dr. Chin, and then takes flight.

Later Dave and his wife, Mary are polishing their guns, and she wants to know what the problem was, Dave mumbles what the inspector told him, and that he doesn't want to pay $200 for some "bullshit test," Mary convinces him when she implies that she might be pregnant and to celebrate she gets hot dogs.

However, the skin of the hot dogs have been peeled off,and the hot dogs replaced in the bags. The couple freak out because "the skin is the best part."

Dr. Chin tumbles into scene, and they head to the basement. Chin begins skinning wieners and then pours "wiener juice" on the floor in a pentagram, and asses that he must set fire to the entire room.

Dave cancels the rest of the operation and pays Chin $40 to never come back.

Later Dave exercises (while wearing a shirt with Ignignokt and Err on it) then calls his wife, but hears noises from the basement. He goes to investigate, and is attacked by Raydon, filling the house with blood, while Mary worries on the other end. Dave soon reassures her, only it's Raydon taking on Dave's voice (having killed Dave) asking her to bring some hot dogs on her way from work, with it's "beautiful skin."


  • Written and Directed by: Dave Willis, Matt Maiellaro
  • Produced by: Jay Edwards, Evan Lieberman
  • Cast:
    • Dave Willis
    • Matt Maillaro
    • Mary Kraft
    • Casey Willis
    • Sierra Sapunar (Dr. Chin tumbling)
  • Editor: Jay Edwards
  • Director of Photography: Evan Lieberman
  • Animation and Compositing:
    • Radical Axis, Inc
      • Todd Rednar
      • Carlos Maya
      • Craig Hartin
  • Sound Design: Riot Atlanta, Matt Melberg
  • Assistant Director: Tony Holley
  • Assistant Camera: Trey Twitty
  • Gaffer: Chris Campbell
  • Art Director: Tom Rogers
  • Key Hair & Make-up: Melissa Sandefur
  • Grip: Hilton Garret
  • Grip PA: Dan Pederson
  • Location Sound: Aron Siegel
  • Boom Operator: Sheri Walters
  • Production Assistant: Nick Ingkatanuwat, Nick Day, Charlsey Adkins, Becky Campbell
  • Camera Rentals: Eddy Von Mueller, PC&E
  • Film Processing & Transfer: John Peterson, Cinefilm
  • Thank You: Amanda Marks, Bill Burton, Lisa Willis, Vishal Roney, Dana Snyder

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