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After hours of moon-boredom, the Mooninites steal Ignignokt's uncle Cliff's check from the government. They head to earth carrying the giant check, asking the Aqua Teens to cash it for them. Shake is putting Meatwad in the microwave, going for a world record. He comments on Meatwad's "amazing" display of endurence. Meatwad will be in there a while this time, so Shake gives him "Something to read", an alluminum foil box marked, "do not put in microwave." Frylock has already reversed the way the microwave transmits heat rays, and the room gets very hot as meatwad is in the microwave. The mooninites arrive, and things are very hot in the kitchen. Meatwad steps out of the microwave, and starts to talk with the Mooninites. After a few minutes, Shake, Meatwad, Err, and Ignignokt head to a gas station to cash the enourmous check. The cashier "refuses" to cash the check(They do not cash checks at this store), They head back to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force's base. Ignignokt tries to exchange the sun for Carl's cashing of the check, but he refuses. Then, they offer him to get immortal. Sometimes carl wants to dies, so he refuses. Err gets angry and jumps on Carl, who get knocked out. Ignignokt shoots a laser up his ass and the gang shaves carl and takes his I.D. Meatwad the puts on Carl's hair and mustache, going into the same gas station to cash the check. They don't cash checks, but have a take-a-penny-leave-a-penny, which Meatwad takes to buy gum. Ignignokt is curious what else they have. Upon the mentioning of his favorite foods, Err jumps in the window to rob the store as Ignignokt continues to talk to Meatwad. After their disscussion ends, Ignignokt says for everyone to "Cease all pennies at once!" so they can buy "Lil' Turkey Bites". Err jumps out, and Ignignokt comments about him being back. He gives Ignignokt a handful of snacks, and they leave. The Mooninites warm up their snack in the Aqua Teens' microwave as Frylock talks to Shake about the "Check", which is actually a bill that transmits radiation after it's due(it's two months due). Shake gets angry because "he can't cash a bill", and because if it was a check he would get no money from it. Err tells Ignignokt that told him on the way down it was a bill, but he thhought Ignignokt knew something he didn't. Err then gets angry because the Lil' Turkey Bites aren't warming up, but the room is getting very hot. Meatwad, Frylock, and Master Shake run away, but their house explodes. Carl wakes up and is angry about getting his hair lost. The Mooninites then are seen from their spaceship looking at Earth. [Ignignokt gives Earth The Finger] Ignignokt: Try this, Fryman. [Ignignokts hand grows, possibly due to radiation] Ignignokt: And now, for 59 cents more, try the supersize! [A jumbled-up Err faces the camera] Err: Man, I feel funny. Ignignokt: Silence, Err. I'm Transmitting Rage.

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