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Rusty Cuyler.jpg
First Appearance Squidbillies
"This Show is Called Squidbillies"
Performer Daniel McDevitt

Russell "Rusty" Cuyler is the central protagonist of Squidbillies. He's the hybrid son of Early and Krystal, great-grandson of Granny. He is a dimwitted, abused, backwoods young squid. He seeks his father's approval in nearly everything he does, going out of his way to emulate and impress him. He has a better sense of morals than the rest of his family and will occasionally show compassion. Like his father, he exhibits stereotypical redneck interests and behavior. He is not, however, as naturally violent as his father, and often fails in his attempts to mimic Early's overtly prejudiced and myopic view of the world. Rusty exhibits facial similarities to the stereotypical redneck male: bad teeth, acne, and a mullet.