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S-cry-ed AS
Adult Swim Premiere May 28, 2005
Original Network TV Tokyo
Seasons 1
Episodes 26

s-CRY-ed is a Japanese anime series, produced by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi and written by Yōsuke Kuroda, which first aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from July 4, 2001 to December 26, 2001. The music for the series was composed by Kōtarō Nakagawa.

The English dub of s-CRY-ed premiered on Adult Swim in the United States from May 28, 2005 to December 10, 2005, after select episodes had been aired on Adult Swim's Video On Demand service for nearly a year.[1] The show continued to air in reruns on Adult Swim through August 10, 2006.[2]


A strange environmental phenomenon 22 years ago in the Kanazawa prefecture caused the land to split and protrude upwards reaching unprecedented heights, creating the secluded area known as The Lost Ground. Kazuma is a young mercenary who lives in the Lost Ground, looking for any work he can find to sustain his livelihood within the harsh environment. He is one of the few people that are gifted with the Alter ability, which allows him to plaster his right arm and torso with a metallic alloy. When this mercenary encounters HOLY, an order whose purpose is to suppress and capture what they call Native Alter Users, and one of the elite members of HOLY, Ryuho, an epic rivalry begins.