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Saddle Rush

Saddle Rash is a canceled comedy animated series. The pilot episode was featured on March 24, 2002 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block. It was created by Loren Bouchard, co-creator of Home Movies and uses the same low-budget Flash animation technique found in seasons two and up of Home Movies.

Plot Outline[]

Saddle Rash is based on a small town in the Old West and narrated by an old prospector-type character named Gummy (H. Jon Benjamin). The episode begins with an armless, nameless gunslinger, dubbed Slim by the narrator. In the true style of Western films, Slim is in town for the purpose of revenge against Tommy Morgan (Also voiced by Benjamin), who has been hiding in the hills due to a $1000 bounty on his head. While Slim is in town, Hanna Headstrong (Sarah Silverman), the daughter of a rancher in town, falls in love with him. Eventually, Slim and Tommy Morgan stand off.

Voice Cast[]

All the members are listed in credited order:

  • Todd Barry – Kitty the Kid
  • H. Jon Benjamin – Gummy; Tommy Morgan
  • David Frizzell - Bear
  • Mitch Hedberg – Muscular Mel
  • Waylon Jennings - Franny
  • Carl P. Mayfield
  • Joe McGuirk
  • Ken Mellons - Slim
  • Sam Seder
  • Sarah Silverman – Hanna Headstrong
  • Doug Stone - Lil' Bill; Beady Eyes


  • This was the first time that Cartoon Network, let alone Adult Swim, had a cartoon with a completely armless protagonist.
  • Slim actually lost his arms when he worked in a bank. His arms were shot by Tommy Morgan.