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Premiere December 21, 2000
Finale April 24, 2005
Seasons 4
Episodes 52

Sealab 2021 is an animated TV show in the United State. This show is shown on the Adult Swim programming block on Cartoon Network. The premiere for this series was on December 21, 2000 and the series ended on April 25, 2005. Sealab 2021 is one of the four first Williams Street Series' that was shown on Adult Swim in 2000. The other three shows were Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, The Brak Show and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Like the Adult Swim series' Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law and Space Ghost Coast to Coast the show Sealab 2021 is a spin-off of a 1970's Hanna-Barbera cartoon, Sealab 2020.


The crew of Sealab 2020 has been replaced by a group of useless people who for some strange reason call themselves scientists.


The creators of Sealab 2021 are Adam Reed and Matt Thomson. They thought of the show in 1995 when they were only production assistants for Cartoon Network. They studied episodes of Sealab 2020 so they could match up the lip movements. Cartoon Network didn't want the show because they did not find the show funny. Five years later, they quit Cartoon Network and started viewing the tapes for the show, and the show was aired the same time Adult Swim was created by coincidence. The original first episode that they were testing with is in the Special Features part of the Season 1 DVD.

In the beginning episodes, it shows that the team is not taking their work seriously and had started goofing off, causing the sensibilities of the crew to decay. Events occurring as a result of their antics are not linked in any sort of continuity; for example in almost every show the installation would be destroyed, but would be back to normal by the next. The show contains several historical references from eras like the 1960s, notably with John F. Kennedy as the President and Robert Kennedy being the Attorney General.

The popularity of the show, little by little, began to decrease due to the death of Harry Goz, whom provided the voice for Captain Murphy. Despite the show's cancellation on April 25, 2005, Adult Swim still airs reruns of the series.

Main Characters[]

  • Captain Hazel Hank Murphy: First leader of the crew and Captain of the facility, replaced on departure by Tornado Shanks.
  • Captain Bellerophon Tornado Shanks: The new leader after Captain Murphy left to fight in the Great Spice Wars.
  • Debbie DuPree: Token female of the crew.
  • Derek Stormy Waters: The station's pretty boy.
  • Doctor Quentin Q. Quinn: With a Ph.Ds and an I.Q. of 260, easily the smartest of the crew.
  • Jodene Sparks: Station's radio operator.
  • Marco Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar Gabriel Garcia Marquez: The station's engineer.


In total there have been 52 episodes, with each episode being around 11 minutes long instead of 16-25 minute episodes like Sealab 2020.

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