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Exit (2001-2003)[]

It is the first sign off ID. We see people exiting a pool.

Action (2002-2003)[]

TBA. Seen on Adult Swim Action.

The Dawn is your Enemy (2005-2010, 2021)[]

This is a creepy one. Seen from 2005-2010. Came back in 2021 for the block's 20th birthday. The eyes are so creepy.

Last Chance Saloon (2007-2008)[]

TBA. Seen before the Fall or Noods sign on.

2010-2014 sign offs[]


America (2014-2020)[]

Version 1: Seen only in 2014.

Version 2: Seen from 2014-2019.

Version 3: 8 bit sign off!

Oosii (2019)[]


Morph and Dinner Party (2020-)[]

Morph was zoomed in from 1/1/20 - 1/10/20.

Dinner Party ends for Cartoonito (or Catoon Network Starting 3/13/2023)