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Snake 'n' Bacon was a show under consideration.


The show follows Snake, a green snake who communicates through hisses, and Bacon, a piece of talking bacon. The pair are detectives, and live in a live action human world.

The show is based on creator Michael Kupperman's comic series of the same name.


After being woken up by The Green Fairy in the cold opening Snake and Bacon visit a crime scene were a murder took place. Later a detective shows Snake and Bacon all of the evidence from the scene, as collected by The Police Vac. After examining the evidence Snake discovers that the murder was hiding underneath a penny, Snake and Bacon are ordered to attack the murder, who appears to admire them. Later the district attorney congratulates them for their achievement, its at this moment Snake has a realization that the district attorney has been flying above them and spying on them the whole time.


The pilot episode was first shown on Verizon V-Cast in late 2007, to whatever confused phone users who had signed for the service. Adult Swim waited to show it on their network until a Sunday at midnight: May 10, 2009.


Creator: Michael Kupperman
Writer: Michael Kupperman

  • James Urbaniak as Bacon
  • Kristen Schaal as The Green Fairy
  • Dan Bakkedahl as Homicide Detective
  • Brian Stack as Gangster, Grandpa