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Musical BBQ
Songs from Cartoon Planet
Released 1997
Format CD
Label Kid Rhino

Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que is the first of two commercially available Cartoon Planet soundtrack albums, the second being Space Ghost's Surf & Turf. Featuring songs and skits by Space Ghost and his arch enemies Zorak and Brak.

Track listing[]

  1. "Smells Like Cartoon Planet"
  2. "The Cartoon Planet Story"
  3. "Big Head"
  4. "I Love You, Baby"
  5. "A Nugget Of Joy From Zorak"
  6. "Zingor"
  7. "Hero In His Own Mind (Part 1)"
  8. "Don't Touch Me"
  9. "Ordinary Guy"
  10. "The TV"
  11. "I Love Beans"
  12. "Minkey Boodle"
  13. "Everyone Needs Lovin'"
  14. "Brak's School Daze: Trust A Monkey?"
  15. "What Day Is It?"
  16. "I Love Almost Everybody"
  17. "The Song That Doesn't End"
  18. "Down To The River"
  19. "Oh Fun Key Bay Bee"
  20. "Fluffy"
  21. "Hoodleehoo"
  22. "Everybody Wants To Be Space Ghost"
  23. "Another Nugget Of Joy From Zorak"
  24. "Put Your Sox On Mama"
  25. "Ramblin' And Wanderin'"
  26. "Brak's School Daze: Gym Class"
  27. "Crazy Lovesick Fool"
  28. "Hero In His Own Mind (Part 2)"
  29. "Water"
  30. "It Stunk"
  31. "Don't Send In The Clowns"
  32. "Muh Nuh, Muh Nuh"
  33. "Highway 40 Unplugged"
  34. "Space Ghost's `Something To Think About'"
  35. "De Der Down"
  36. "I Love You, Baby (Karaoke) "
  37. "Zingor (Karaoke) "
  38. "Bye-Bye, Goodbye, Goodbye Everybody "