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Space Ghost Coast to Coast: From The Kentucky Nightmare DVD is the official volume five DVD for Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and was named after the episode "Kentucky Nightmare". The two disc set was released in 2008 and includes 14 episodes From Seasons Six And Seven. This DVD was released exclusively through Adult Swim's website. The DVD is currently no longer available on the website.


  • Snatch
  • Sequel
  • Girl Hair
  • Chambraigne
  • Table Read
  • King Dead
  • Fire Ant (22 Minute Version)
  • Curling Flower Space
  • Knifin' Around
  • The Justice Hole
  • Kentucky Nightmare
  • Sweet for Brak
  • Flipmode
  • Mommentary
  • Mommentary: w/ Creators
  • Mommentary: Jelly Bean


The Extras Include: Snatch Alternate Ending, Table Read Extra, Conan Raw Interview, George Lowe Record, C. Martin Croker Record, Promos, Busta Raw Interview, And 2 Easter Eggs.