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Spacecataz was a proposed spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The show was set up to follow the Mooninites, Ignignokt and Err, and the Plutonians, Oglethorpe and Emory, battling each other in outer space with pranks and practical jokes.

The pilot has never aired in its entirety, but provided material for the opening sequences for Aqua Teen Hunger Force's season 3 episodes. The show was planned to be a 6 episode mini-seires, but [Adult Swim] decided that not to greenlight the series. [as] felt there was little that could be made into 5 more episodes, as all the characters died at the end of the pilot. The pilot can be seen on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volume 4 DVD.


The pilot begins with the Plutonians set to go to warp speed on Oglethorpe's orders, for no other reason except his wanting to "tear ass" across the galaxy. While warping through space Oglethorpe sees someone flip him off, then the scene cuts to the Mooninites' ship where Ignignokt is indeed giving the Plutonians the finger. Oglethorpe orders Emory to stop the ship despite the rate of speed, and he does sending the Plutonians flying into space.

While Err is celebrating the apparent victory in the ship he notices the Plutonians are backing up and tells Ignignokt to fly away. Ignignokt decides to stay and give the Plutonians a double middle finger salute, and Err follows suit (although his can't be seen). Oglethorpe tries to return the gesture but since neither he nor Emory have fingers they resort to mooning the Mooninites instead. Ignignokt and Err respond by flashing their digital dongs to the Plutonians and transmitting it to their ship.

Emory then tries to convince Oglethorpe not to get involved, but Oglethorpe declares war and throws a water balloon through a wormhole into the Mooninites' ship. They respond by doing the old "knock on the door and run away" trick, then reveal themselves and run back to their ship laughing. Oglethorpe decides to go in another direction and orders Emory to dial their number so he can prank call them. However, all three times he tries Ignignokt hangs up on him. Err then calls the ship asking for "Holden McGroyne" and "Oliver Klohsoff", and although Emory can see through the charade Oglethorpe can't and throws another water balloon at the Mooninites on their transmission screen, breaking the screen.

The Mooninites then head back to the Plutonians' ship and begin spray painting graffiti on it that says "We eat our own farts" and drawing arrows pointing at Emory and Oglethorpe who are watching them do it. While Oglethorpe seems to think that the Mooninites are admitting an addiction at first, he quickly realizes that they were trying to say that he and Emory do that and jumps through the screen to try to attack the Mooninites, but shatters it in the process.

Oglethorpe then declares "the time for maturity is over", then orders 50 million large pizzas to be delivered to the Mooninites. However, Ignignokt is able to avoid the bill by telling the delivery man that he is late (which means the pizza is free). As the pizza continues to be loaded into the ship Emory and Oglethorpe decide that they're hungry and teleport to the ship. However, Ignignokt and Err are not willing to share, and Err blows the airlock which shoots all the pizza into space.

The Mooninites then decide to try and blow their ship up, but Ignignokt cannot set the clock on the self destruction device. The clock is originally set at thirty years, but Err attempts to reset it to thirty seconds. He is unsuccessful, though, and finally ends up setting the clock at 27 centuries. Oglethorpe and Emory decide to try and help and end up setting the clock for five seconds at the Mooninites' request, but quickly realize that the ship will blow up with them in it (as the Mooninites have teleported to the Plutonians' ship).

The Plutonians return to their ship angry at the Mooninites for what they did, and quickly discover that they have taped band posters to the walls in the control room. In his anger, Oglethorpe tells the Mooninites about their self-destruct system, which will activate as soon as the word "explode" is said. Naturally, since Oglethorpe said "explode," the Plutonians' self-destruct sequence is activated and the ship blows up five seconds later, and the force of the explosion vaporizes the Mooninites' ship as well.