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Volume 3

Squidbillies: Volume Three is the third DVD set of Squidbillies episodes, released on July 6, 2010. This DVD collected 10 episodes from the show's fourth season, which originally aired in 2009.


  • "Anabolic-holic"
  • "The Liar, The Bitch and The Bored Rube"
  • "The Fine Ol’ Solution"
  • "Lerm"
  • "Confessions of A Gangrenous Mind"
  • "Atone Deaf"
  • "The Big Gay Throwdown"
  • "God’s Bro"
  • "Reunited, & It Feels No Good"
  • "Not Without My Cash Cow!"

Special Features[]

  • "This Ain't A Hat, It's A Ragtop For A Sex Convertible"
  • "Funny Pete Stuff"
  • Bumps
  • Dragon Con 2009
  • Art + Music