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Stroker & Hoop Promotional artwork.

Stroker & Hoop is an American animated television show created by Casper Kelly and Jeff Olsen. The series premiered on Adult Swim August 1, 2004 and ended December 25, 2005. After 1 season, 13 episodes, the show was not renewed. The series ends in a cliffhanger.


The series follows Stroker & Hoop, a pair of private investigators and their adventures.

Planned Season Two[]

Because it was not in the green-light for a second season, the show was canceled. But, an Adult Swim blog was posted about what what would off happened. Here is what was suppost to happen:
The episode would have opened with the revelation that Stroker and Hoop died in the crash and were sent to the afterlife; Hoop, specifically, was sent to a section of Hell reserved for lettuce on a technicality. C.A.R.R.'s brain and one hubcap survived the crash. Double Wide also survived the crash but ended up in the burn ward of the hospital, where he received visions of Stroker and Hoop in the afterlife. Trying to save them, Double Wide with Keith's help puts himself on ice to temporarily kill himself, but he's stopped by doctors at the last minute. To save Stroker and Hoop, Double Wide shoots himself and Coroner Rick. The two men then travel to the afterlife where they meet Stroker's father, a janitor in limbo, and Suko from episode six. A series of events lead to the death of God. God's temporary absence from Heaven (A technicality stipulates that it takes 20 minutes for God's soul to return to Heaven) allows all the main characters (including Stroker's father) to return to Earth along with a large number of others who were also in hell.[1]