Premiere May 13, 2007
Finale July 20, 2014
Seasons 4
Episodes 36

Superjail! is an animated series aired on Adult Swim.


The show typically opens with petty criminal Jacknife commiting a crime, only to be foiled and captured by Jailbot. The opening sequence then plays with Jailbot transporting Jacknife to Superjail, all while the show's theme song plays in the background. Episodes feature a loose plot, which are eventually manipulated by The Twins. The episode then quickly breaks down into a psychodelic bloodbath, followed by an ironic or bizzare ending.


The show is set inside the titular Superjail. Superjail is a prison of ever-changing size, which rests atop a volcano. That volcano is itself found atop an even larger volcano. Reality and time in Superjail are fluid concepts, and seem to bend at The Warden's whim. Superjail is shown to have multiple areas, including a cafeteria, recreation yard, gym, a monorail system, and a large factory, splunking caves, and numerous other-dimensional areas.


The show was pre-dated by Bar Fight, a four minute long animation made by Christy Karacas and Stephen Warbrick. The animation was, in many ways, an extended version of one of Superjail!'s bloodbath endings.

The pilot episode aired as part of The Night of 1,000 Pilots special, and won the subsequent online popularity poll. Season one premiered more than a year later and ran for 10 episodes.

After the first season ended, the show sat in limbo for nearly a year before [Adult Swim] announced its renewal. The show was stated to be writing scripts for a second season in November 2009. On July 24, 2010, Adult Swim announced via Twitter that Season 2's production had started, and would premiere in 2011.


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  • The Warden (voiced by David Wain) is the eccentric head of Superjail
  • Jared (voiced by Teddy Cohn) is the over-stressed accountant of Superjail and right-hand man for The Warden
  • Alice (voiced by Christy Karacas) is the transgender head of security for Superjail
  • Jailbot is the mute, floating robot who performs numerous tasks throughout Superjail
  • Jacknife (voiced by Christy Karacas) is a common criminal who is seen being captured and taken to Superjail in the opening of nearly every episode, only to escape during or after an episode's bloodbath.
  • The Twins (both voiced by Richard Mathar) are a pair of identical blond twins with unexplained supernatural powers that spend most episodes meddling with The Warden's plans.