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Generic toonamiTom
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Performer Steve Blum

TOM (Toonami Operations Module) is the second and current host of Toonami. He is a sardonic, wisecracking personality matrix downloaded to a robot shell. TOM was originally custodian of the Absolution; alongside its A.I. SARA, his responsibilities include maintaining the ship and broadcasting Toonami's signal to the world. TOM enjoys throwing one-liners and, like Moltar before him, gives sage advice to viewers about moral issues like chasing dreams and standing up for what's right. Frequently, he'll pass along video game reviews, people interviews, movie teasers, and other various commentary. As of the current run on Adult Swim, he has undergone five different incarnations over fourteen years at the helm of the block (excluding variants).

Casting History[]

TOM first appears in 1999, in a squat fat body voiced by Sonny Strait, after the events of The Intruder in 2000 his body is replaced with a more slender version, and is then performed by his now permanent voice actor Steve Blum.