In The Brak Show episode, Bully a picture of Meatwad drawn as a carrot is shown in the background of Brak's stand, Meatwad was seen briefly driving a motorcycle in the episode Brak Street and in the episode New Year's Eve Party at Brak's House Meatwad, along with Master Shake and Frylock appear at Brak's House for a New Year's Eve party. 

Meatwad appeared on Anime Talk Show, a talk show special, hosted by Space Ghost. He was also featured, along with Master Shake in an episode of Sealab 2021, and in the online video game, Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) The Wedding Day a drawing of Meatwad can be seen on the men's bathroom wall with "[AS]", a popular abbreviation for Adult Swim; this small cameo is similar to Master Shake's appearances as a gold statue in the first two Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) games. Meatwad also appeared in the popular flash game "Madness Interactive", as a graffiti spraypaint picture similar to the opening sequence of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.