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Tenchi Muyo AS
Adult Swim Premiere February 23, 2002[1]
Seasons 4
Episodes 24

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki, often shortened to Tenchi Muyo! is a twenty four episode collection of OVAs, initially released in Japan between 1992 and 2017. Pioneer LDC produced the first two OVA series, VAP produced the third and the fourth OVA was produced by AIC.[2] The first two OVA series were licensed and distributed in North America by Pioneer Entertainment in 2000.

The English dubbed versions of OVA 1 and 2, spanning episodes 1-7 and 8-13 respectively, were picked up by Cartoon Network in July 2000, excluding the episode Here Comes Jurai 2, for broadcast on its Toonami programming block. The Toonami version titled simply Tenchi Muyo!, was heavily edited to remove blood, profanity and nudity (By digitally adding bikinis), as well as to shorten the length of the episodes to fit broadcast standards.

The show next aired on Cartoon Network's new Adult Swim anime block Adult Swim Action from February 23, 2002 to May 18, 2002, with the same edits. Tenchi Muyo! was later part of Adult Swim's Toonami April Fools' Day Event in 2012 that resulted in the rebirth of Toonami. An episode from the third OVA was aired.


Tenchi Masaki was a normal 17-year old boy until the day he accidentally released the space pirate, Ryoko from a cave she was sealed in 700 years ago as the people thought she was a demon. In a series of events, four other alien girls show up at the Masaki household as Tenchi learns much of his heritage he never knew about and deals with five alien girls who each have some sort of romantic interest in him.


  • Tenchi: The Main Character. Lives in Masaki Shrine.
  • Ryoko: Space pirate. Sealed in a cave for 700 years before released by Tenchi. Competitor for the love of Tenchi.
  • Ayeka: Princess of Jurai. Competitor for the love of Tenchi.
  • Sasami: Sister of Ayeka/Princess of Jurai. Well known for cooking skills.
  • Mihoshi: Detective for the Galaxy Police.
  • Washu: Self proclaimed Greatest Scientist in the Universe! and creator of Ryoko.
  • Ryo-Ohki: Pet of Ryoko. Able to transform into a giant space ship.

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