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First Appearance Black Dynamite
"Trouble on Puppet Street
Performer J.B. Smoove
That Frog Kurtis

That Frog Kurtis (aka T.F. Kurtis) is small, slim, Muppet-style frog. He usually wears a long, purple robe/suit coat with a white shirt and white pants underneath it. He wears multiple rings on each of his hands. He has a gold cane, a purple, white, and gold crown, and has one gold tooth on his top jaw. He also has a long, pink tongue, which hangs out of the side of his mouth.

When Black Dynamite was a child, T.F. Kurtis was the star of his favorite show. After his father left, Kurtis' teachings and antics made him into a surrogate parental figure for young Black Dynamite.

Unfortunately, Kurtis had grown corrupt over the years, and was teaching bad lessons to children, as well as becoming something of a gang leader over the other puppets.

B.D. and his crew infiltrated T.F. Kurtis' operation and killed them. Little did Black Dynamite know, though, that Kurtis had many children, including one that would harbor an intense grudge against Black Dynamite, That Bastard Kurtis.

T.F. Kurtis is shown to be a skilled, if unorthodox, fighter, as his main weapon is his extremely long, green, and whip-like penis, which he uses to ensnare and throw his opponents around with. However, without it, he is rendered powerless.

His speech pattern is similar to that of an African-American preacher, as he stutters at the beginning of some of his words. His, and his son's, trademark saying is "Ribbit, Muthaf*cka!"

He is a parody of Kermit the Frog, of the Muppets.