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Master Shake has placed mines all over the house and trash fills Frylock's room. Frylock has finally had it with him and leaves. Carl helps him move into his new apartment, while Shake and Meatwad live off raw chicken (they play chickenball with it) and a styrofoam fire, causing them and Carl to become sick, with a major symptom of heavily swollen eyelids. Frylock invites everyone he knows, but nobody comes. He resorts to calling the Mooninites, who had been a nuisance episodes before. They take his beer and chicken wings and spray paint everywhere. Carl is taken into an ambulance, but his stretcher falls off it. Frylock comes again and offers them spring rolls (mistaken by Master Shake as burritos) and ointment for Meatwad's eyes, which he initially eats. Shake then begs Frylock to come back, but he constantly refuses, especially with the burning house.

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