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The Dawn is Your Enemy was a sign-off bump that was shown on Adult Swim between 2005 and 2010. The point of the bumper was to scare children from watching the channel. especially those who stay up too late. hence why it would appear early in the morning.

The bumper shows a pencil sketch style image of a pair of human-like eyes gazing over a field covered with flowers and trees, and in the distance a sun with a face is seen.

Sometime around May 2020, a decade after, it made a return in the form of a text bumper called The Dawn is Your Frenemy, which begins with a text that reads "we're going to be more positive to see if it makes us feel better" before cutting to the original clip, eventually a red balloon floats up in to the air followed by upbeat piano music, before cutting to an onscreen text that reads "Not sure it's working" and the advert ends.


  • Rumors say that the bump even appeared post-2010 (even in-between commercial breaks), albeit on extremely rare occasions. However, due to the unpredictable nature of Adult Swim's bumpers, there is not much proof to support this claim.
  • The image was displayed during the tweets segment of the June 6th 2021 broadcast when a twitter user asked to see what the bump would look like in widescreen, with the image shown and original sound effect played for a few seconds.
  • For a short time during September 2021, this bump was used as a sign-off, in honor of Adult Swim's 20th anniversary.