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First Appearance Freaknik the Musical
Performer T-Pain

The Ghost Of Freaknik Past (or Freaknik for short) is one of the title character of Freaknik the Musical.


Freaknik is a ghost creature with black skin with green dollar sighs all over his body.He apparently has GOLD glasses for eyes.He has a chain that looks just like him. He have gold teeth with an overbite. It is also implied that he has blueberry vodka in his veins. It also seems that he can alter reality when he brought two dead/lifeless back to life! .also,when he changed a stripper's clothes and appearance to make her look better for her customers and when he turned a very elderly person to young and beautiful with very large breast and butt,also when he use the love from the people who cared about him to create a love bomb to defeat the oerminator .He can also float and fly (hence since he's a ghost like creature).He also speaks with auto-tune most of the time.


Freaknik is mostly carefree, he rarely gets angry or sad and is also very good with people. He is easliy made mayor of Atlanta, which he later names Freaknation, and soon after becomes president of the United States. Virgle quoted that no one wants to kill Freaknik because everybody loves him. Freaknik is sometimes singing when he talks and almost always carries his golden cup with diamonds that has blueberry vodka in it. Freaknik is also speculated to be respecutful of women, which is contrasted by the fact he referrs to them as 'bitch' or 'ho', because he criticizes all the 'wanna be dudes' that treat their women wrong. Freaknik does not like criticism because when the Permenator said he was going to kill the party Freaknik said "Now if there's anything that Freaknik don't apperciatate is haters, and you sir are a hater". Freaknik is also irresponible because he immediatly fled when a woman that he apparently knocked up was asking him to be with her and the baby.