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The Incredible Mr. Brisby
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Main Series The Venture Bros.
Season No. 1
Episode No. 4
Production No. 1-05
Original Airdate August 28, 2004
Runtime 22 Minutes
FCC Rating TV-MA
Main Crew
Director(s) Jackson Publick
Writer(s) Jackson Publick
Producer(s) Dave Lipson
Executive producer(s) Jackson Publick
Steven S. H. Yoon
Editor(s) Doc Hammer
Episode Cast
Voices of James Urbaniak
Michael Sinteriklaas
Patrick Warburton
Chris McCulloch
Mia Barron
Paul Boocock
Doc Hammer
Charles Parnell
Opening theme "No Vacancy" by J.G. Thirlwell
Ending theme "Tuff" by J.G. Thirlwell
Composer(s) J.G. Thirlwell
Previous Episode Home Insecurity
Next Episode Eeney, Meeney, Miney...Magic!

The Incredible Mr. Brisby is the fourth episode of the first season of The Venture Bros.


The Venture family is onboard the X1, traveling to Brisbyland (a take on Disneyland). After arriving, the boys are told by Dr. Venture to stay onboard the jet while he and Brock see to some business with Roy Brisby, owner of the park. Brisby's personal assistant Mandalay, a huge, silent man wearing a turban and business suit, escorts Brock and Venture to Brisby's office in an electric cart.

Brock is forced to wait in the hallway with Mandalay as Venture meets Brisby - an aged man and a wheelchair user, whose face is locked in a grimace. Brisby explains that he was trapped in an accident beneath an animatronic Lincoln for several hours; he suffered a stroke during the ordeal. He engages Venture in small talk for a while, introducing his longtime "com-panda" Li-Li, who he won from David Bowie in a trivia contest some time in the early 1980s. Soon, however, Brisby tells Venture the reason for his invitation: a interest in cloning. Brisby offers a generous payment for Jonas Venture's notes. Venture, offended by the lack of interest in his work, feigns ignorance on the subject.

Outside Brisby's office, Mandalay provides Brock with a cigarette and lights it for him. Inside, Venture rejects Brisby's final offers of employment; on the old man's signal, Li-Li throws a large bag over Venture and subdues him. Brock hears the scuffle and overpowers Mandalay, but collapses after breaking down the door. Brisby gloats over the chloral hydrate with which he laced Brock's cigarette, until he rolls too close to the fireplace. His lap blanket bursts into flame, but Li-Li quickly rolls her master on the carpet to extinguish him.

Hank and Dean, wrestling with each other on board the X-1, fail to notice two figures dressed in paramilitary uniforms sneaking onto the jet. The intruders easily subdue the boys with what appear to be orange halves.

Venture is released from the bag inside the "Brisby-dome", a huge beehive-shaped structure located a few yards from Brisby's office. He continues to refuse Brisby's offers until Mandalay knocks him out with an injection.

Brock regains consciousness as a cable pulls him from a tar pit. He finds he is being rescued by Molotov Cocktease, a scantily-clad woman with a Russian accent whom he obviously recognizes. She gives him a brief greeting before knocking him out again with a kick to the head.

Inside a community college gym, Hank and Dean wake up surrounded by people wearing commando-like uniforms. Their leader explains that they are the Orange County Liberation Front, a covert organization dedicated to overthrowing the Brisby empire. Its members are repulsed by the "entertainment complex" that has overtaken their once-peaceful home. Hank and Dean, longtime Bizzy Bee fans, refuse to believe that Brisby is evil. The rebel leader produces two Bizzy Bee beanies he says were stolen from Brisby's secret laboratories, intended for mind control, and stats his intentions to use the two boys as test subjects.

Brock comes to again in a motel bathtub. He and Molotov abruptly engage in hand-to-hand combat, which just as quickly turns into passionate kissing. Brock slams her onto the bed and rips off her clothes, only to reveal a chastity belt bearing a hammer-and-sickle logo. Insane with frustration, he excuses himself to the bathroom with a large erection that is visible through his towel.

Venture finally wakes up from the sedative, connected via wires to a polygraph. He has been injected with truth serum while unconscious, and Brisby begins to question him. Instead of answering truthfully, however, Venture engages in bizarre behavior due to the interaction of the injections and his so-called "diet pills," which are actually methamphedamines.

After Brock has "taken care of business", Molotov tells him that she knows where the boys are and agrees to help him find them. Inside the gym, the beanies seem to be quite effective as the boys attempt to murder a Bizzy Bee doll. Brock and Molotov infiltrate the community college grounds just as the stolen X-1 takes off. Molotov says that she knows where the OCLF are headed and that she will drive Brock there.

The OCLF reaches the Brisby-dome and a chaotic battle ensues between the soldiers and bee-suited workers. As Brock and Molotov arrive, the mercenary abandons Brock to pursue her own objective. When Venture groggily emerges from a room stories above, an explosion hurls him over the railing. Brock grabs a nearby rivet gun and secures Venture's pant leg to the wall in mid-fall. Hank and Dean, under full hypnosis by their hats, point weapons at Brock without recognizing him. The cloth holding Venture rips and Brock pins his other pant leg to the wall.

Brisby prepares to escape the battle but is confronted by Molotov, who says he knows what she is there for. Before he can refuse or comply, he catches fire again.

The staredown between Brock and the boys continues as Venture falls once more. Samson fires another rivet which pins the doctor to the wall yet again. Brock then knocks the boys heads together, releasing them from the beanies control. Brock then responds to Dr. Venture's drugged moans, as it is revealed that he was pinned to the wall by the wrist this time, and only a few feet from the ground at that. The team heads home after Brock releases the impaled and woozy Venture.

After the credits, Molotov assures her employer, Mr. Bowie, that everything went as planned as she speeds down the highway with Li-Li as a passenger.