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The Original Way Outs (sometimes known as Zorak and the Original Way Outs) is the house band of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. The band consists of Zorak on keyboard, Parko (or Owly) on guitar, The Sorcerer on trumpet, and Christy on drums.

Each member of the band is a former enemy of Space Ghost, except Christy (renamed Goby by Croker, and then re-renamed Christy by Mike Lazzo) who was created specifically for Coast to Coast. C. Martin Croker designed him as "a space version of Benny the Ball from Top Cat", and named him after his mother's Chihuahua.

Every member of the group, except Zorak, remained silent throughout the series, expect for the Season 4 episodes Zoltran and Mayonnaise, where The Sorcerer speaks in a Russian accent and is voiced by Andy Merrill.


  • Parko/Owly the guitarist has never been identified by name on screen in Space Ghost Coast to Coast or the original Space Ghost cartoon, and his name was only seen in model sheets for Coast to Coast identifying him as "Owly", and Amazon listings for the 1966 Space Ghost cartoon "The Space Birds."

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