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Performing at Adult Swim State Park at San Diego Comic Con 2018

The Pillows, often stylized as the pillows are a Japanese alternative rock band formed in 1989. The group has released 21 studio albums, several EPs and compilations, and over 35 singles. Outside Japan, they are best known as the group responsible for the soundtrack to the FLCL OVA series.

In 1999, they were approached by studio Gainax who licensed their previous albums for use on FLCL, and they composed two new songs, "Ride on Shooting Star" and "I Think I Can".

On July 3, 2016 it was announced they would be providing the soundtrack for the two new seasons of FLCL, and to promote the new series, in 2018 Adult Swim sponsored a seven city tour that concluded at Adult Swim State Park at San Diego Comic Con.