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The Steve Wilkos Show is an American Talk Show which began production in 2007 as a spin-off to The Jerry Springer Show. The show is hosted by Steve Wilkos, former head of security for Jerry Springer, and former Chicago police officer. Unlike Springer, Wilkos would often cover heavier topics, less comedically than its predecessor, and Steve would often get more confrontational than Jerry.

In The Boondocks episode "The Story of Lando Freeman," the show was parodied featuring Steve giving Robert Freeman a paternity test to determine if he was the father of Lando. He's proven the father on the show, but later during a rewatch Huey discovers in the credits of the show that the producers "reserve the right" to falsify results, thus leading to the discovery that Lando is not Robert's son. Billy Dee Williams reveals he's the father and had been looking for him after seeing him on the show.

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