Premiere August 7, 2004
Seasons 6
Episodes 71

Venture Bros.jpg

The Venture Bros. is an animated comedy from Christopher McCulloch (AKA Jackson Publick) and Doc (Eric) Hammer (Astro-Base GO!).


Originally a parody of Johnny Quest, the current 'Dr. Venture,' former child-star of 'cartoon fame' is NOT his successful, brilliant, inspired, decisive, capable, strong, attractive, likeable father. The show follows him as his dysfunctional friends and family try to maintain their relevance in a world that outclassed them before they were five. Soundtrack work from JG Thirwell bolsters the production to 'James Bond' level, and contextual music selection and contributions from Doc Hammer (and his band, Weep) are consistently hip, fresh, evocative, and poignant.


  • Producer: Racheal Simon

Main Cast:

Recurring Cast members include:

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