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Titan maximum
Premiere September 27, 2009
Finale November 22, 2009
Seasons 1
Episodes 9

Titan Maximum is a stop motion comedy from the creators of Robot Chicken.


Drafted from the solar system's best and brightest young people, Titan Force Five once defended the capital of Saturn's moon Titan using the heavily armed Mecha Titan Maximum. However, the team was disbanded due to budget cuts after a series of escalating incidents. Two years later, after the team members have long separated and gone on to civilian jobs (One of them, Spud, has even died), their former teammate Gibbs returns as a villain who wants to conquer the Solar System with an army of monsters. Now the three remaining Titan Force Five members have to reform the team to stop him. Along for the ride are Palmer's younger brother Willie, a nerdy mechanical genius and Leon, their silent monkey janitor.



  • Breckin Meyer as Commander Palmer
  • Rachael Leigh Cook as Lieutenant Jodi Yanarella
  • Eden Espinosa as Lieutenant Junior Grade Sasha Caylo
  • Dan Milano as Space Seaman Willie Palmer, Leon and President Keith Caylo
  • Seth Green as Gibbs

Recurring Cast

  • Billy Dee Williams as Admiral Bitchface
  • Adrianne Palicki as Claire
  • Tahmoh Penikett as Troy Hammerschmiddtt
  • Tom Root as Chief Petty Officer Spud Cunningham