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First Appearance FLCL: Alternative
"Flying Memory"
Performer Marieve Herington
Pets and Kana

Pets, whose real name is Tomomi Hetada is one of Kana Koumoto's first friemds from elementary school.

In "Shake It Off," it's revealed that Pets was one of Kana's first friends, meeting her in elementary school, and her only personal belonging in her room is a picture of the two from this time. Despite this Pets kept her family life secret, never revealing to Kana that she was rich, and the daughter of a government representative, and due t the actions of Medical Mechanica, she and her family are moving to Mars.

She also reveals that she's been bottling resentment for Kana and her actions atleast since "Grown-up Wannabe," where she believed Kana to be butting in to her friends lives.

As an elementary aged child, she gives herself the name Pets, based on the logic that her family name, Hetada, has two T's in in. A statement Kana doesn't even seem to understand.