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Trap Universe was a failed pilot pitched to Adult Swim in 2018 by J.J. Villard, creator of King Star King. The show is essentially a parody of preschool shows, which his fans find fascinating, because he cited Sesame Street as one of his influences growing up. However, he is an admitted fan of the works of PFFR, especially MTV's Wonder Showzen.


The unholy demon offspring of a preschool show, a workplace sitcom and a grindhouse thriller, TRAP UNIVERSE follows a good-hearted fixer named EDDIE G as he and his family try to survive working for TRAP LORD, the wealthiest (And most corrupt) business tycoon in the entire universe.

Voice Cast[]

  • Rachel Butera as Grizelda, Dotty and Pretzel Princess (Voice)
  • Walt Dohrn as Eddie G, Cuddles, and Toast Lord (Voice)
  • J.J. Villard as Trap Lord and Gerald (Voice)