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Unicorn Warriors Eternal Official Poster
Premiere May 4, 2023
Finale Present
Seasons 1
Episodes 10

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal is an American adult animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky. The series will air on Adult Swim on May 4, 2023 and then on Cartoon Network on May 7, 2023 as part of ACME Night.

Footage of the series was shown at Annecy Festival from June 13-18 2022. The Annecy website also showed updated character designs. The series was previewed at New York Comic Con on October 9, 2022.

Though it is currently being conceived as a 10-episode miniseries, the series could expand into further seasons depending on the viewership. The first season concluded on June 30, 2023.


An evil force is looming across the dark, thick-aired streets of Industrial Revolution era London, United Kingdom when a group of heroes known as Unicorns are accidentally reawakened in the bodies of teenagers instead of adult hosts they’ve embodied in the past; Melinda, a powerful sorceress, Seng, the cosmic monk and Edred, an elf warrior. With distorted memories and their magical abilities weakened and fragmented after their rebirth, the trio must work together with help from Copernicus, a steam-powered robot, to unravel the mysteries of their pasts and present that will reveal their path to defeating a timeless threat.


The series follows a team of ancient heroes protecting the world from an ominous force. Throughout history, unicorns have symbolized the virtuous, appearing to ensure that goodness reigns. When the reawakening of our heroes comes too early, they find themselves in the bodies of teenagers. Damaged as a result, their memories of who they are and the history of the unicorn over the centuries have been lost, with some of their magical abilities weakened and fragmented. Not only do they have to protect the world against the prevailing darkness, but they also have to do it while navigating the unexpected laughs and humor that come with teen angst and emotions.


Voice Actor Role
Hazel Doupe Melinda
Grey DeLisle Melinda's Prior Incarnation
Demari Hunte Seng
Alain Uy Seng's Prior Incarnation
Tom Milligan Edred
Jacob Dudman Edred's Prior Incarnation
N/A Copernicus
Ron Bottita Melinda's Dad
Jeremy Crutchley Merlin
George Webster Winston
Grey DeLisle June Way


No. Title Plot Airdate
1 The Awakening, Part 1 A young girl, unwittingly infused with magical ability, discovers that she is part of a group of eternal heroes destined to fight a supernatural evil throughout time. May 4, 2023
2 The Awakening, Part 2 Melinda and Copernicus seek the remaining heroes of Unicorn while the supernatural evil unleashes a sinister force to stop them. May 4, 2023
3 A Fateful Encounter Melinda's mental struggle causes her to seek out the normality of Emma's old life, while Edred, Seng and Copernicus are embroiled in a citywide manhunt for Unicorn. May 12, 2023
4 What Lies Beneath An evil foe traps Unicorn aboard an ancient ship where the spectre of a vanquished crew will encompass their doom. May 19, 2023
5 The Past Within Emma and Melinda relive moments from the past as Unicorn struggles in the present to contain a creature born out of her magic. May 26, 2023
6 The Mystery of Secrets Melinda and Edred seek a mechanical genius to fix Copernicus; Seng searches for the solution across the Sea of Time. June 2, 2023
7 The Heart of Kings Unicorn's quest to fix Copernicus leads them into a blood war for control over Edred's homeland. June 9, 2023
8 Darkness Before the Dawn Unicorn's search for their evil foe leads them to discover something that changes their lives. June 16, 2023
9 A Love's Last Light Unicorn's struggle with the Evil Entity takes them to an unexpected place where their foe's power grows exponentially. June 23, 2023
10 The End of the Beginning Emma attempts to find her way back to Unicorn, while they struggle to hold out against the growing power of the Evil Entity. June 30, 2023