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Uzumaki Update & Teaser - Toonami - adult swim

Uzumaki is an upcoming horror anime, based on a manga by Junji Ito. The series will be a co-production between Adult Swim and Production I.G. The show was originally meant to air in 2021, but has been delayed and is expected in October 2022.

Uzumaki was announced in 2019, at Crunchyroll Expo. The show is animated by Drive and directed by Hiroshi Nagahama, with Colin Stetson composing music. In an interview with Ito, he speaks of Hiroshi Nagahama in respect calling him quite talented. He also said that being faithful to his original manga made him quite happy. Ito confirmed that the screenplay of the series is finished, since he checked. He says: Four episodes is way shorter than the original manga. They did a good job of rearranging the series. For example, someone who dies early on, now plays an important role later on. They did a fantastic job of crafting things together like that. The screenwriter is a very talented individual.[1]

On June 15, 2021, a second teaser video was posted with comments from director Nagahama, illustrating that the COVID-19 pandemic forced the team to restructure their plans and causing the series to be delayed to October 2022.

Behind the scenes[]

On June 10, 2020, the anime's official Twitter account presented some pictures of storyboards: