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Williams Street Swap Shop (also shortened to Swap Shop or WSSS) is a daily web stream hosted by Matt Hutchinson and Kyle "Zach" White (formerly hosted by Kyle's twin Zach White). The show is presented in a very subdued, calming manner with the hosts speaking in low, calming tones while acoustic guitar music plays in the background. Viewers are encouraged to call in during program for a relaxed discussion as well as to submit unwanted or unused items to swap with other viewers. The hosts discuss the items up to be swapped and make suggestions (called "potential swaps") to the viewers. In addition to streaming live online, the Williams Street Swap Shop has begun airing condensed episodes as part of the "Williams Stream" programming slot which airs on Adult Swim and broadcasts short versions of many of the [as] Streams programs in rotation.

Summary and production[]

Williams Street Swap Shop is presented as a relaxed call-in talk show centered around the fictional "Swap Shop" (ostensibly a wooden cabin in a non-specific forest in the wilds of Georgia) which is run by both Matt and Zach. The specific content of the show varies daily; however, in keeping with the theme of supporting the swap-based economy (the show's term for barter), they view and discuss items submitted by viewers and then announce the success of proposed viewer-to-viewer swaps (similar to tradio).

The hosts wear signature bolo ties, black, leather, fingerless gloves typical that of a professional swapper. During the opening and ending sequence of each episode, the hosts perform a handshake and say the slogan "It's a deal." Wednesday shows are known as "Wonderful Wednesdays" and are generally hosted by Zach alone, due to a contractual obligations on co-host Hutchinson. These episodes often feature a special guest (often musical or artistic) that Zach interviews, oftentimes with questions from the live chat, about their endeavors. Their secondary catch phrase "Tips up!" is immortalized in their (self-named) NBD T-shirt that was printed by Danger Press.[3]

The Swap Shop has been known to tour major cities that host Comic-Con such as New York[4] and San Diego, trying to market to a broader audience around the swap-based economy as well as meeting and interacting with their dedicated fan base. To achieve this, the hosts often try to present the idea of an idealistic swap commune in the north Georgian mountains where the viewers can live off of swapping unwanted items. Usually during Comic-Con, the hosts present special episodes, such as interviewing a candle maker while learning how to make candles.[5]

Major events and memorable moments[]

In 2016, Zach White created the catch phrase "Ima perv for the curve" when describing his previous night's and real life dream of being recognized while shopping at his local Best Buy for a curved HDTV by a random female fan for his work on the WSSS.

In September 2016, Matt and Zach performed a controversial body swap in order to attend DragonCon in Atlanta in order to visit without being mobbed by fans of the show.[6]

In November 2016, it was revealed that Adult Swim's marketing coordinator Alice Feigel won the most votes by viewers to be the new sole "lead host" of the show, despite making few appearances on the show every so often.[7] Since Zach came in last during the election with potentially less than 1,000 votes, Zach was demoted to the official Swap Shop chaplain.

In early December, an email sent by a viewer named "Anthony" told Matt and Zach to "Please stop shaking hands." It was later deduced by Zach and Matt that this Anthony was none other than Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The emotional trauma of the situation took a large toll on both swappers as can be clearly seen in both their reaction and the reduction in time spent shaking hands at the beginning of every episode which occurred for next several handshakes. (The official hand shaking time graph created by fan which was used on air is needed here).

In late December, Santa Claus visited the Swap Shop to take questions from callers and talk about their about their place on the naughty or nice list and what they could potentially do to change their status if needed. However, at the end of the show, Santa's real motives were shown when he revealed himself as Zach White's true father.

In the second week of January, 2017, the Swap Shop tested positive for carbon monoxide poisoning, and as a result, had to be hosted outside in the woods with a tent for the remainder of the week (Tuesday-Friday). During this time, Matt went missing and was last seen at his favorite bar "The Hangover" where they nonstop play the Hangover movies on 24/7 repeat. In Matt's absence, Zach was frequently visited by Ross on his breaks who was fixing the carbon monoxide leak except during Wednesday where Zach, Alice, and other guests read through a script of the first Hangover movie (without swearing).

The William Street Swap Shop is infamous for generating massive social media movements to drive new and repeat business for their advertisers; the most viral of which was the hype video released early January 2017 created for Planters Peanuts soon to be CEO/Mr. Peanut, Tim Peanut (aka the future of peanuts).

On February 1st, 2017, the Williams Street Swap Shop premiered the first episode of season 7 which turned out to the peak episode of all time. It went downhill slowly afterwards.

On February 6, 2017, Matt and Zach both decided to get spray on tans live on the air.[1] Zach did so in hopes of increasing his chances at finding a soulmate as the spray tan professionals strongly suggested a woman would definitely want to get married to him by the end of the week with this tan. Matt decided to back out last minute and only got the Atlanta Falcons logo spray tanned on his stomach. Zach's tan has worn off, but he still remains single.

On February 8, 2017, Matt received a call from his doctor live on the WSSS to inform Matt that he had caught the Bird Flu. Matt caught the disease due to a weekend megabus trip to the ostrich races where one of the racing ostriches coughed on him as they zoomed to the finish line. Although it was likely spread to Zach as well, Zach was able to easily fend off the disease since he is in peak physical fitness from walking/biking to work everyday. Zach walks/bikes because his Cadillac is still having motor issues, and Alice has yet to provide the company Nissan Juke for transportation.

On February 10, 2017, the Williams Street Swap Shop has begun setting out to expand their fanbase and audience by airing on GasTV; mostly so Zach White can impress his step dad since GasTV is the only source of media he views and is therefore the only way for him to see the show.

On February 24, 2017, it was revealed that chaplain/co-host Zach White was murdered in Augusta, Georgia by Tanner, and has been replaced by Kyle "Zach" White.[8]

On February 27, 2017, Zach White previewed a trailer of his new animated project "Seintaur" featuring Jerry Seintaur, a half Jerry Seinfeld half horse starting a new business in which he taxis people around town via an Uber-like app called Trotter. Larry David also made an appearance as a half centaur who may decide to work for Jerry Seintaur if his phone can vibrate instead of ring when customers call on the app (because he's a vibrate guy, not a ring guy). However, Zach is still undecided if Jerry should be the only centaur or not in the show.

In March 2017, it was revealed that co-host Zach White was in and won a 15 million dollar legal dispute with Bloodfeast host Maxime Simonet over the derogatory impression of Zach White by Maxime Simonet in an alternative time line.

Kyle "Zach" White was temporarily removed as chaplain/co-host of the show for admission of using marijuana while on air during March 3, 2017's episode.[9] In the following week, Kyle "Zach" White was allowed to return as a temporary chaplain/co-host of the show while they interviewed a new potential replacement co-hosts during each episode. However on Friday, a fan and practicing attorney emailed the Swap Shop offering Zach his services pro bono. They suggested Zach should sue the Swap Shop under the pretenses that he was coerced by lead host Alice into a confession at best, and exposed to a hazardous workplace environment at worst due to the week long carbon monoxide leak in the Swap Shop in January. Fearing legal recourse and because of Matt's failure to inform either legal or resources of the basis or process of Zach's termination, Zach was permitted to remain the chaplain of the WSSS.

In early March, Davis and intern Von hosted a wonderful wednesday Spring Break special in order to both create a song of the summer and pay Davis' cable bill.

On March 13, Matt and Zach announced the William Street Swap Shop would be airing 11 minute episodes on Adult Swim at 4 a.m. every Thursday for the first time. These episodes would not be live, but were taped live on the stream that day. To incentivise streamers to rewatch the episode, Zach intends to photoshop easter eggs of all the classic characters into the background of only the 4 a.m. TV showing.

Rules of the Williams Street Swap Shop[]

1) No swapping cursed and/or haunted items.

2) No pornography.

3) No swearing in the swap shop because it's a family show (except during the 12-hole sometimes).

4) All Swap Shop employees must wear the official Swap Shop uniform which consists of a black buttoned-up shirt, black pants, black fingerless leather gloves, and most importantly, a bolo tie.

5) Each episode must begin and end with Matt and Zach shaking hands or else they will be fined $20,000.00.[10]

6) There must be an animation for each successful swap produced via the WSSS, and each graphic must cost a minimum of $50,000.00.