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Wolfs Rain AS
Adult Swim Premiere April 24, 2004[1]
Original Network Fuji TV
Seasons 1
Episodes 30

Wolf's Rain is a Japanese anime series created by writer Keiko Nobumoto and produced by Bones. It was directed by Tensai Okamura and featured character designs by Toshihiro Kawamoto with a soundtrack produced and arranged by Yoko Kanno. The show originally premiered in Japan on Fuji TV from January 6, 2003 to July 29, 2003. A four-episode OVA was later created and released in early 2004 to provide a fuller conclusion to the story, and to make up for the four recap episodes that were originally broadcast in the middle of the series.

Bandai licensed the full 30-episode series for North America in 2003.[2] The English dub of Wolf's Rain premiered in the United States as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block from April 24, 2004 to October 16, 2004, with reruns airing through March 9, 2005. Adult Swim did not air the 4 recap episodes but did air the 4 OVA episodes.[3]


In a dying world, there exists an ancient legend: when the world ends, the gateway to paradise will be opened. This utopia is the sole salvation for the remnants of life in this barren land, but the legend also dictates that only wolves can find their way to this mythical realm. Though long thought to be extinct, wolves still exist and live amongst humans, disguising themselves through elaborate illusions.

A lone wolf named Kiba finds himself drawn by an intoxicating scent to Freeze City, an impoverished town under the rule of the callous Lord Orkham. Here, Kiba discovers that wolves Hige, Tsume, and Toboe have been drawn in by the same aroma. The source of the smell is Cheza, a girl who sleeps in what appears to be suspended animation in a lab. She and the wolves are drawn to each other; however, Cheza is kidnapped by a mysterious person called Darcia, and the search begins anew.

By following the fragrance of "Lunar Flowers," said to be the key to opening the door to their ideal world, the wolves set off on a journey across desolate landscapes and crumbling cities to find their legendary promised land. However, they are not the only ones seeking paradise, and those with more sinister intentions will do anything in their power to reach it first.


  • Kiba: a white wolf on a journey to find the Lunar Flower and open the way to Paradise.
  • Tsume: a gray wolf with a scar across his chest who does not believe in Paradise.
  • Hige: a carefree tan wolf with a attitude.
  • Toboe: a brown wolf and the youngest of the group.
  • Cheza a girl created from the Lunar Flower. She joins the wolves on their journey.