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Premiere April 18, 2013
Finale June 14, 2019
Seasons 4
Episodes 42 (And 1 Pilot)

Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell is a live-action sitcom revolving around a fictional workplace in Hell. The show made its official debut on April 18, 2013 on Adult Swim. Created by Dave Willis and Casper Kelly.

Series Overview[]

The show follows Gary (Henry Zebrowski), a somewhat dim-witted career demon as he works for Satan, who is played by Matt Servitto (From the Sopranos fame). The third major role goes to Craig Rowin who plays Claude and starts the series as Gary's intern.



The Show's main star. Starting out in season 1 as dimwittted yet somewhat kind despite the situations he finds himself in, his stupidity gets more exaggerated as the show goes on. He also gets to be considerably more cruel. This usually results in Gary getting into outrageous situations and facing punishment for screwing up by his boss, Satan.

Pre-death information on Gary is sparce. He had a roommate, Lucas, he was born in 1983, he also seemed to have an issue with keeping his relationships due to being annoying. Gary also has a step-brother.


Gary's intern. Claude quickly takes to kissing up to Satan and doing anything he can in order to work his way up the ranks in Hell and is generally considered to be a two-timing dick. Despite this, Satan still finds time to abuse Claude just like the rest of his employees.

Pre-death, Claude had some form of a relationship with a woman on his campus called Joanna (which turns out to be incredibly abusive), it's also the punchline of many offensive jokes that he is Jewish.


Satan is everyone's boss. Generally irritable and known for putting employees who screw up through the worst tortures. In season 1 he's more calm and collected, his anger always just barely simmering underneath. Season 2 onwards he's more emotive and more about his personality outside of being the boss is revealed.

He used to be in a band called Byle as their "muse", but all of the members hated his presence. He writes Twilight styled young adult romance stories. He enjoys low budget horror and sitcoms as well.

In season 3, it is revealed that Satan isn't actually Satan at all. His real name is Darren Farley, the circle of Hell he runs is inconsequential, even his horns are fake as revealed in Nu-Byle in season 2.