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First Appearance Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Spanish Translation
Performer C. Martin Croker

Zorak is an alien praying mantis. He leads the show's band and resides in a keyboard pod. He claims to be "pure evil", even if neutered by his imprisonment, and spends his time on the show making fun of Space Ghost, generally getting blasted in return for his efforts by Space Ghost's power bands. At other times, however, his resistance to Space Ghost is more oblique, preferring to just ignore Space Ghost's quixotic tendencies in a quiet method of rebellion.

In The Brak Show he's portrayed as closer to a teenager, and a sort of friend of Brak. He takes on a more mischievous role, forcing Brak into doing nefarious things for his own enjoyment.

In the Bashington's 2003 New Year's party, it's revealed that Coast to Coast Zorak and The Brak Show Zorak are two separate entities, though Coast to Coast Zorak is immediately killed by Thundercleese.

Zorak's animation in Coast to Coast is actually a combination of two different characters from the original Space Ghost cartoon, Zorak and one of his minions, who wears blue gloves.